Who is ConversantBT?

The character of any company is a function of its history as well as its commitments. A description of what the founder, Lannie Crudup, had in mind at the company's inception, together with an explanation of the priorities that have shaped its growth over the years, can help define those qualities that constitute its special distinctiveness.

With a growing and diverse staff of professionals, ConversantBT (Conversant Business Technologies) focuses on providing business solutions using "state-of-the-business" technology services to a wide variety of industries. As a privately held company, management is committed to remaining independent and to running the firm very much in the spirit of a partnership. Its aim is to provide an environment in which top professionals can achieve their own personal goals while providing a valuable service to clients. ConversantBT's commitment to independence assures its employees and its clients that it will give the highest priority to the values that are basic to its tradition. Management believes that the staff deserves to be the primary beneficiaries of the firm's success and that management's responsibility is to maintain good business practices and assure effective performance for clients. Continued growth provides opportunities for professional development and long-term security for the company.

Early in ConversantBT's history, Mr. Crudup recognized that providing excellent responsible consulting means more than promoting technology for the sake of "staying on the cutting edge". ConversantBT seeks to constantly redefine the use of technology on a per client basis to help them achieve optimal business productivity and efficiency. There should be a good business case to support an investment in technology. In addition, Mr. Crudup is a strong proponent of education - both as an internal tool and as a service to clients.

Strategic planning requires knowledge of a client's business, an expertise in engineering good business process, a broad knowledge of technologies applicable to business, and a capacity to develop a perspective on future business and technology trends.  ConversantBT's background as an intellectual leader in melding business process and technology, combined with its extensive capability to collaborate with the top management of corporations has enabled the company to function at the highest level of strategic planning for its clients.

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