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Since 1993 ConversantBT has been providing computer and network support services to small to large businesses. Our technicians are certified: Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers (MCSE), Cisco, and Hewlett Packard (HP). Our Business Analysts have 20+ years of experience. We are proficient with all aspects of computer repair/maintenance and network management - whether the network is a small office or networks integrated across multiple remote offices.

A properly managed network provides a business' departments and staff the ability to conduct commerce using a host of business applications that function in harmony.

  • Computers

    Computers are like any other system (e.g. cars, copiers, a/c units, etc). When new they function without problem. As time passes the computer system is exposed to degrading changes: - software is added (willingly and unwillingly) and kids "of all ages" are unleashed on them to experiment. Sooner or later the computer starts demonstrating ailing symptoms:

    • Slow performance
    • Erratic behavior
    • Compromised Email

    Computers require periodic maintenance. To minimize potential damage, especially if the unit is in a high dust area like Arizona, fine-silty dust needs to be removed. Left unattended, the computer's electrical components could overheat and fail. Depending on the working environment of the unit, it should be cleaned every 6 - 12 months. One of the most temporarily damaging aspects of a computer is the lack of attention to cleaning the computers temporary storage. Over excessive usage the computer's internal workspace is clogged with useless files. Left unattended, the unit's performance will slowly degrade until it ceases to function. The term "temporarily damaging" was used earlier because after the computer's storage issues have been resolved, it returns to a healthy state.

    Companies run advertisements that purport to "tune-up" your computer so it is "like new". "Buy this software, let it find and fix all of your computer's problems." While tune-up software works on computers with modest problems, there are many instances where the sensible solution is to wipe out the contents of your computer and re-install the software and get a fresh start - truly like new.

    At ConversantBT, we have our processes down to a science. Without loosing your data, we will wipe out your computer and re-install everything. This option often costs less and takes less time than having "Geek" technicians analyze, assess, and "run tune-up software".

  • Network Management

    Network Defined

    A network is comprised of numerous hardware components that need to be integrated together through the marriage of specialized network software and the communication software of each hardware component. The primary components of a network are computers, servers, routers, and switches; these are required to define the core. There are numerous other peripheral devices that can be integrated into a network, an example of which:

    • Print devices (e.g. printers, plotters, image recorders)
    • Telephone systems, Voice-Over-Internet Protocol (VOIP)
    • Security devices
      • Surveillance cameras
      • Door locking/unlocking systems
      • Alarm systems
    • Audio visual devices
    • Equipment controls

    Network Management

    The management of a network with a large number of integrated components requires:

    • specialty knowledge
    • efficient planning
    • the proper tools to monitor the network's health
    • the tools, knowledge, and procedures to identify potential problems and resolve them so the network functions without interruption

    Few small businesses can justify the expense of a full-time network technical staff. ConversantBT can be your business' Information Technology deparment and provide computer and network management. There is a lot of flexibility in defining a Network Management plan; it will be tailored for your specific needs.

  • Help Desk

    Large organizations and businesses know the importance of a Help Desk - a staff of business and technology professionals who are available to assist Users on the network. The range of questions typically answered are varied, examples would be:


    • Hardware support - "Something is not working!", related to computers & network and all related peripheral equipment (e.g., printers, cameras, etc.)
    • Software support - "Something is not working!", related to how to perform a task using an application (e.g., Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access, the company's Information System, etc.)
    • Data recovery - "I lost a file, can you help me recover it?", related to resolving miscellaneous data management issues.

    Business Procedure & Technical

    • Procedural - "How do I requisition printer supplies?", related to any business process.
    • Business challenge - "My boss asked me to create a spreadsheet and pie chart using sales data from the 2nd quarter. How do I accomplish that?". The answer could be a procedural solution, a technical solution, or a blend of both.

    Few small businesses can justify the expense of staffing a professional Help Desk. ConversantBT can be your business' Information Technology deparment and Help Desk. There is a lot of flexibility in defining a Help Desk plan; it will be tailored for your specific needs.

ConversantBT can be your Information System technical support partner. We can tailor a support plan that will meet your technical needs and fit into your budget.

Contact us,, for a free assessment of your business and technology needs.

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