The Sneaky Profit Thief!

Does this sound like your office's forms management or data gathering process?

You spend staff-time and office budget creating a paper form, a few examples:

  • Internal requisition form for materials
  • Project/job timesheets
  • Subcontractor or vendor work record (i.e., time & materials)
  • Patient or customer order
  • Customer service survey
  • Etc.

After filling out the form the recipients spend time and maybe distribution costs sending the forms back to your staff administrator who then transcribes the data from the paper into your company's database/computer. The paper, having served its purpose, gets discarded or you incur more costs storing it.

You incur all the cost associated with processing paper forms (i.e., purchase forms, staff processing, postage, and disposition) when all you really want is the data - that is on the paper form - loaded into your company's computer database! If you do the calculation, the cost is substantial - and - avoidable.

ConversantBT specializes in streamlining business processes, eliminating the wasteful use of paper forms, and maximizing business process efficiencies through the use of automation.

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